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Erjan Aissabaev

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Hey Kathy - it is for you! Hope you like it! Like "Globe" it was taken in Manhattan, NY with my old Fuji digicam..

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  • Erjan Aissabaev 27/07/2009 10:29

    Merci beaucoup Ahava,
    I haven't visited this site for years now.. In the mean time I made tonnes of other pics with my Nikon D90.. I hope that after recovering my home pc - from linux back to windows (7?) I will be able to post more of recent pictures taken from around the globe.. Cheers. I visited your site and I love your images! Great job! :)
  • ahava-hila 27/07/2009 6:17

    hy Erjan
    ! i love refelxions ,you inspire me,to but my pictures like this in fotocommunity ( the next s ) also the Globe is very nice of you..