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  • Torsten Hermann 02/06/2008 22:27

    Hello! I really like this picture! Because it shows two couples: in focus the woman with the dog in her arms and on the right side the woman with the child on her arms! I really like dogs ... but I guess they were no substitute for childs. I think a dog is a dog is a dog - and he can be your best friend, but not more.

  • Wolfgang Bazer 30/05/2008 11:47

    Hi Suzanne, I asked you if the dog is real, because I secretly hoped it isn't. So it's possible to breed nightmarish kitsch dogs nowadays... Anyway this is an excellent documentary photograph.
    BR Wolfgang
  • Wolfgang Bazer 29/05/2008 16:12

    Ist der echt?
    VG Wolfgang
  • Ulrich Grothmann 29/05/2008 6:57

    Wer ist schöner, Frau oder Hundchen???
    Auf alle Fälle eine gelungene Mischung.
  • Mucki3775 29/05/2008 0:39

    klasse aufnahme...lg sonja