pieces of my life

pieces of my life

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Eliza Evi

Free Account, Bucharest

pieces of my life

Beach of \"Gincho\" - Portugal

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  • Bartosz Szlezak 30/08/2006 9:18

    Colours are great, so delicate. Only model's outfit seems disturbing to me. I wonder if she wore a dress or simply anything more feminine than shirt and trousers. Best regards, Bartek.
  • Wayne Tsipouras 29/08/2006 23:36

    Thoughtful, emotive image. Powerful message.

    The footprints in the sand tell of where we have been, our journey to this moment.
    Also indicate to where we are going, yet in time these will fade,
    So who then will tell our story?
    What will become of our memories?
    The whispered echos of a dream.

    Well done, Superb work!

  • Pat Ackerson 29/08/2006 1:55

    Very thoughful


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