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Well, how should I start and where from...
I'm amatour photographer, still a newbie. My adventure with watching the world through camera's viewfinder began about year ago. Long, long time ago my father used to take pictures as well and once upon a time I found all the equipment he left. So I took that old Zenit TTL camera with additional Carl Zeiss'es wide-lenses, roll of Kodak film and - knowing nothing about technical things - went to nearby woods. Soon the film was over. Do I have to tell you that all of those shots were terrible? :D They were, actually. But all the year has passed since those times and I'm still trying to do my best, to improve my skills and so on.
I'm using Olympus SP-500 UZ now, and somethimes also Olympus e-300 with two kit lenses. Despite growing popularity of digital photography I still come back to the old Zenit. I'm very kin on traditional photography, actually, but that's quite expensive here in Poland. Although I belive it has its own spirit, so I've purchased two middle-format cameras - the old soviet Lubitel 166 B and 166 Universal. History made a circle again, then - my adventure begins once more and I'm still only 18. I wish all of you the same - let your own history begin time after time 'till death. Thanks for listening, Bartek.

P.S - If anyone would like to send me a few words, or even more, I will be very happy:) Here's my e-mail adress:

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