Petra as I saw it

Petra as I saw it

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Karl Stocker

Free Account, Citrus Heights

Petra as I saw it

I know what you're thinking, "Again! We've seen it a thousand times!" Well, here is number 1001. The exposure to this sight is so sudden, that it freezes you in mid-stride, and you, like everyone else, must take this picture, to commemorate your mind's first exposure to this magnificent structure.

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  • Wolfgang Bazer 28/06/2009 18:51

    No, I haven't seen it a thousand times. Many thanks for making me discover Petra. And your photograph is much better than the one in the German version of Wikipedia for example, for the dark parts are clear enough to show the structure of the rock.
  • Klaus Kieslich 28/06/2009 18:29

    Top gemacht im dunklen Bereich ist sogar noch Zeichnung vorhanden
    Gruß Klaus