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Rick Chinelli

Free Account, Los Angeles

Petal Touch

Cherished sensitivity.

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  • Rick Chinelli 02/03/2006 6:23

    Thank you all for contributing to this image disscussion, either pro or con.
    Abdul, I understand what you mean regarding the lack of some sort of comments by myself about the image. I take responsibility for not giving some background information that would help others get my meaning.
    It never occured to me that anyone would not see what the image projected : a very close-up of a hand involved with flower petals. I seem to have a mind to put things out there and let the interpretations begin.
    I will consider this more fully in the future. Not to let the image do all the talking. It speaks differently to different people.I can help my 'expressions' by providing some info about my state at the time of creation.
    I'm learning, AGAIN, how diverse we all are in this world and how things are not always how they appear.
    Ruud, your comment about your observation(" ...a pair of not too clean fingers, fiddling with a penis "...) made this point clearer to me . It also gave me quite a chuckle. I looked at the image with your comment in mind. I could see how you saw that! It's funny and interesting.
    So, so long for now . See you all around the creative
    ' water cooler '.
    Rick Chinelli
  • Abdul Khaliq 01/03/2006 15:17

    @ Rick, Really sorry for the results and the comments you get over here.

    I also agree with Jaime, Laki, Wen and Valdimir.
    It is not important in my view for any pic is technically perfect for gallery. there are some pictures have more weight of message, information, incdent rather than technical.

    Now finally, i come to the point where i agree with all Contra comments.
    In this picture, there should be something either technically or info, message etc. No one understand what is in this picture which made Rick to propose. Only Rick knows the story behind it and some members who personally contacted him. Then the negative comments should be justified too.
    I agree with some harsh words are used here, which should be in practice even if it is Channel Manager.
    These are just my views.
    No hard feeling Rick. this place is fantastic, i am sure you will love every one here and same from all members towards you :)).
  • Vladimir Danilov 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    @Laki: your point accepted, thank you.
  • Laki K. 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment


    thanks for the explanation. but i dont know as well about the unspoken rules, i think the rules for thegallery are made up by each individual, this means most of the people will always relate to sharpness, crop etc. etc.
    at the end we will always see nice photos there but also totally meaningless stuff which is just technically perfect and as speaking for myself, that is not the purpose of a gallery.


    well, i think there also other ways to explain something, i mean without beeing agressive or offensive. and you should know that words as a chanel manager will always have more weight (at least for some users) as other critics. i think a lot of new members wont be encouraged by comments like yours and specially without any explanation. sorry, but i totally disagree with what you are writing here and how you handle this.
  • When 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment


    It's not for me to post a privately sent message. It is the photographer's decision if he wishes to share his intentions of the picture and his philosophy of art. This is a very conceptual image, and a very personal one to the person that submitted it. He was not aware of the unspoken rules that many like to impose on the gallery nor did he expect the hostility. My feelings on this whole thread are that I am very sad to see how this fellow was treated by members of this community, and I personally sent an appology for this treatment. There are some very harsh critics amongst us that feel there is only one way to view an image. Jaime is right, gallery doesn't have to be perfect. I think a great number of exceptional photographs with deep intent get swept under the rug over technical nitpicking of things like frames, text or the maker not having access to the most expensive cutting edge editing programs. Whether anyone considers this specific image a gallery image or not this sort of nastiness in gallery or anywhere in our community shouldn't be allowed to stand. I commend Laki and Jaime for making a statement to counter this. All I can say in the end is thank goodness the submitter has a more level head about the importance of the gallery then some of our long standing members.
  • Vladimir Danilov 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    @Laki: sorry, my friend, I would not like to comment it further, my "tasteless" term. It could sound more offencive that it aready is and what I'm already sorry about to have written.
  • Laki K. 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    wen, wouldnt it be possible to post that information here? i mean before everysingle one sends the same question to rick.

    jaime, i agree with you that photos dont have to be perfect, also not for the gallerie. some of the best/emotional photos are not perfeect sharp/coloured etc.

    vladimir, i would really like to know to what your comment "tasteless" is refering.

  • Vladimir Danilov 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    @Jaime Crystal Maksoud: "and not all gallery images have to be perfect"
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    well..........as for Rick proposing this himself, i dont agree with, but the comments from Jan and Vladimir are just too harsh and mean !
    i think maybee this photo is not gallery worthy but maybee this image means a great deal to the photographer, emotional or otherwise.
    people should think before they comment, and not all gallery images have to be perfect i mean i got some in gallery what does that say !
    its good to be critical but not so mean, i think we are all equal and talented.
    sorry Rick its nice , not gallery. i will skip mate
    regards Jaime :)
  • When 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    After hearing from the photographer and his intent I am voting Pro.
  • Laki K. 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    hi again,

    i m still wondering about the comments above and can't get it, could someone please explain what i couldnt see here?

  • PINDORIUS 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

  • When 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

    I don't understand the "tasteless" reference either. These are some harsh comments from very wonderful people. I wonder why Rick would propose this, definately not one of his "stronger" images on FC, and far from the exceptional works he sells. I'd like to know more about why Rick self proposed this specific image. Can you give us any information on it.

  • Peter Kis kalóz 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment

  • Frank Cecconi 01/03/2006 14:19 Voting comment