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Umer Babry

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old man

i really passed through this old man, but his pain and condition forced me to get back. I waited for few min and then decided to make few shots.

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  • Paul Laurel 03/08/2006 9:32

  • Muhammad Shahzad Naseer Qazi 17/11/2005 11:24

    Very well composed contrast of rich & poor community. well done for capturing such a nice photo, that touches the heart and telling us what to do instead of fighting so called terrorism.

  • Dennis Maloney 09/11/2005 0:05

    I'm so glad you went back...there is a lot of feeling in his gesture for understanding, probably for his slowness in crossing the street...it's hard for some young people to understand the needs of the eldery and afllicted...I know it was that way for me, until I woke up one morning and saw an old man in the mirror...love this capture...den
  • Rohan Akunoori 07/11/2005 16:15

    What a contrast of riches and poverty, Nothing cant compare this moment but a human heart that stops with gratitude or concern.
    Very well composed and shot, Keep doing it my friend one day the world will know the truth of life thats priceless no matter what state it is in.
    Perfect for this world to see both sides of life and thank God for everything thats there.
    With all due respect and regards.
  • Dirk Hofmann 07/11/2005 15:48

    and how did he like them?