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A photographer and a writer get together to discuss their work. The writer looks at the photographer's portfolio and exclaims: "Such a wonderful work you've got here, you must have a hell of a camera". After which the photographer reads the writer's manuscript and states: "Great work you've got here, you must have a hell of a typewriter..."

Photography is, was and perhaps shall remain the passion in and of my life! I enjoy it very much and consider it a noble art. I have being doing it for a long time and try to make my photographs make their viewers see the passion that I put in, Children, Nature and Sports are the main subject of my photographs and I really am interested in how other people approach the subject.

I did masters in History from Government College, Lahore, and currently employed , as Staff Photographer in Media Dept. of PCB since August 2000.

People use to say that you have studied History and now you are in a different profession. My response to them, I am still following the same profession,the only difference is, capturing & studying History through the eye of the camera in a different way.

I always look and think before pressing the shutter, heart and mind are the true lens of my camera.

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