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sabine erlhage

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NJ diner-2

this is one of two shots, i took. i would very much like to know which one works better for you! (and maybe if you have the time: why?) i find it hard to frame my pics, but it's a learning curve, right?!

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  • sabine erlhage 01/08/2011 21:42

    thank you so very much! that was very helpful. sabine!
  • Deryck 31/07/2011 7:16

    I prefer this one. The previous one is cut too narrow. The motif is very well suited to your b/w rendition. I would maybe just straighten the picture out so that either the left pole is completely vertical or the the back windows completely horizontal
  • paules 30/07/2011 23:44

    This one is better...I like the seats on the left side ....they are like a frame ....LG Paul


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