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hello! i was asked to write something about me, so here it goes:

it all started with wanting to take some decent pictures from my time abroad: i bought a nikon n80 took some basic classes at icp in nyc and fell in love with it.
it sounds corny, but: i will never forget that moment when my first good picture floated to life in a basin/tank in the darkroom there. that was special.

it took me forever to change to digital (in 2008 to nikon d700) and, well, i haven't stopped reading about white balance and co since! sometimes i just want to go back. that's when i get out an old medium format camera and just start shooting like i used to. but that's not that satisfying either, so ... well, i keep reading until i feel i own this camera again.
in the meantime, i hope i can learn from you, be inspired (and i already am !!), keep reading that manual and take pics as they happen.

i love to find truth in the moment.

hope, you are all well and i promise i'll post some pictures here soon.
take care

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