“Mr.Sax” – Josif Lukenic left us

“Mr.Sax” – Josif Lukenic left us

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Berthold Klammer

Premium (Pro), near Aachen

“Mr.Sax” – Josif Lukenic left us

Yesterday I was informed that Josif Lukenic passed away last Sunday.

"Mr.Sax" - Josif Lukenic
"Mr.Sax" - Josif Lukenic
Berthold Klammer

Since years I always saw him at the music school between his lessons having a break. He enjoyed standing outside smoking a cigarette and greeting everybody with a smile. Almost two years ago I asked him, if I could shoot some photos of him and he agreed. But for me it was difficult to find the right time and so time went on. Then one evening, in May last year - I was waiting for my daughter, he came out of his room, greeted me and asked me if I could shoot some photos of his Sax-Group for the music school anniversary. I agreed but asked him if he would be so kind to allow me to shoot a couple photos of him on the sofa. He agreed …and this is the result.

I’m sure many will miss this very charming musician and personality.

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