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I found photographing 2007 and since then I`ve been taking a lot of photos...I could say even too much! Right now photographing is just a hobby to me, but I really don`t know where it`ll lead me at the end.

I photograph almost everything. My favorite subjects are anyhow portraits and macros. I have photographed very much my children, so you`ll probably see some of their photos here too.

To me the most important thing at a photograph is the light. I always hunt the light.

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  • Andy-Wood 24/12/2013 13:57

    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Christmas and all the best for 2014
    kind regards
  • Merja R 03/05/2013 13:29

    Thank you very much die Knipse! :)
  • die Knipse 03/05/2013 7:43

    Dear Lumiunna,
    the portraits (of your daughter?!) are exceptiona. I admire your work. :-)
  • arttherapist09 11/03/2013 15:41

    Thank You very much for your kind attention!!!
  • Merja R 19/02/2013 15:47

    Oh well, BIG test is about coming. Should be showing what I have learned about lightning....that`s not really my strength, so I do am a little bit worried. ;)
  • Andy-Wood 18/02/2013 22:36

    Faces in the Tree
    Faces in the Tree

    thanks for the visit .... how are the studies going ?
    best regards,
  • Berthold Klammer 21/01/2013 21:35

    Thanks for your kind remarks, even as you are so busy....Berthold
  • Merja R 04/01/2013 22:13

    Thank you both. I`m a little bit busy of studying (photography of course ;) ) so I`m already sorry for commenting and socializing too little.
  • Andy-Wood 04/01/2013 21:53

    Colours of Autumn
    Colours of Autumn

    Thanks for your recent comment and welcome to fc.
    I agree, the play of light is the key factor when I see a photo opportunity.
    best regards,
  • Adele D. Oliver 04/01/2013 1:46

    Hello and a warm welcome to the big and crazy world of ..... I wish you lots of fun showing your images and lots of new friends and inspiration from their work.
    greetings from Canada,
    Adele - Nature Channel Manager
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