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Donna Vitkauskas

Free Account, Rochdale, MA.

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  • Drew Dupont 29/01/2005 2:52

    P.S. If you dont plan on shooting this again give me the GPS location or some kind of directions to the spot, because I will
  • Drew Dupont 29/01/2005 2:51

    Buy a pair of swim trunks and a plastic bag to put around your camera wile you bring it out there. When you do submerse your tripod you will want to hang a 10-20 lb. weight from the center collum hook to keep it steady .. if you have a cheep plastic tripod your going to need more weight to keep it from floating.
    If you have a nice tripod your going to want to bring a towel with you to wipe it down so the leggs dont gum up. I had that problem once .. then i bought a manfrotto

    HAPPY Shooting
  • Drew Dupont 29/01/2005 2:46

    Your assignment if you choose to be daring enough to accept it, is to go back to the location at various times of the day Early morning Late Nite when there's a moon Sunset .. Just after a midday rainstorm . when it's snowing ect.. and compile a bunch of shots of the same exact picture .. exept I would if the water is'nt over your head is to get your tripod wet set it up in the water verry carefully just above the water like 8 inches and take a centered shot . Both horozontal and vertical
    play with various color filters correction filters and polorizers .. try a deep read filter on a long exposure and convert to black and white .. it will make the sky realy dramatic !

    There is one thing that seperates the amatures from the pro's .. Persistance. .If you see a good photo it's probably not as good as it can get so.. stake out the spot and you might just capture something that will blow peoples socks off!

    aotherwise not a bad shot
  • Dirk Hofmann 20/01/2005 23:16

    :-) ... you should have gotten your feet wet, donna. bruce is right on that ... ;-)

  • Pnina Usherovitz 16/01/2005 7:35


    I love this shot.
  • Bruce L. Bloy 15/01/2005 3:41

    They always say that balance is the heart of art.:>)
  • Donna Vitkauskas 14/01/2005 20:33

    Hard to center it I had nowhere to stand. I was on a log toward the side.
  • Bruce L. Bloy 13/01/2005 16:38

    I'm a sucker for "perspective" pictures. This is nice but might be better centered in the tracks with the camera positioned lower. It is an interesting picture with the water.
  • Freemember 001 13/01/2005 16:32

    does it realy ends in the water? interesting view.
    what was it, a bridge?