Mecklenburg | bird park Marlow |

Mecklenburg | bird park Marlow |

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Matthias Moritz

Community Manager, Hambergen

Mecklenburg | bird park Marlow |

A few days ago we went visiting Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Eastern Germany) with our caravan.
One day we spent time in the bird park of Marlow, which is a beautiful park worth to visit.
Some accessible aviaries offer the opportunity to experience, even to feed the birds, since they freely fly around and are very confiding to humans.
An awesome adventure for our kids!

Der Vogelpark Marlow ist einen Besuch wert! Die Kinder hatten Spaß daran, in begehbaren Volieren Wellensittiche und Loris zu füttern und die Vögel aus nächster Nähe zu beobachten. Auch die Flugshows haben Spaß gemacht.

© June 2019, Germany, Marlow

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