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Carina Bucu

Free Account, Tokyo

MB Formula 1

I never thought I'd see one in my lifetime! I don't think there are Formula 1 races in the Philippines. It was a thrill to stand right next to it :-)) (Photo taken 9 Aug 2006)

All I did was carefully "paint" the background (actually the clutter beyond the car) all black (thanks to Photoshop). The car and the foreground are intact.

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  • Ronny Bouwens 18/08/2006 19:52

    Very nice picture!You did the right thing.Beautiful car!
    Greetings Ronny
  • Pascal Viyer 15/08/2006 15:15

    It's a great job to obtain many details and splendid reflects.
  • Frank Götz 15/08/2006 7:44

    I like that picture.
    A very nice car (almost as nice as my own), and I like your photoshop work too.
    Good allocation.
    Well done.

    Cheers Frank