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Carina Bucu

Free Account, Tokyo


Before the groom entered to start the main wedding ceremony, the "curtain" was raised and the bride's older sister washed the foot of the groom in milk(?) and patted it dry.

A point of interest to me are the different kinds of feet/footwear that are in the photograph...
a mix of asian and western, traditional and modern...

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  • Frank Götz 04/08/2006 7:30

    Aside from the interesting ceremony of washing the feet (is it milk, and if so, why?) the pic has a very nice composition, with the two different kind (western and eastern) of shoes framing the scene. I like the pic a lot, can't take my eyes off it at the moment. And it's good you're telling a story too, somehow makes it so real.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more,

  • Theo Weijmer 03/08/2006 17:54

    Again a good story and that makes it great to watch the picture.
    Greetings Theo