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Kimberly S.

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  • Julia Kretsch 26/07/2006 0:40

    Very, very good! And a beautiful model!
  • Ray Steinberg 23/12/2005 7:27

    Nice, serious, seductive, pose.
    Good capture.

  • Jeremy B 21/12/2005 23:34

    No need to tell us to **look**. You may have to tell us to stop looking though. ;-) Great shot! The lighting and composition are excellent. I also like the slightly angled composition.
  • Ciprian Strugariu 21/12/2005 23:29

    Very nice!
  • Dirk Hofmann 21/12/2005 22:08

    again a very nice set-up ... maybe it's my screen but i thing that the pants lost their texture and i would like to see them separate from the background ...

    i mentioned the good looking model before, didn't i?


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