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Carolina Fu

Free Account, Lima


Free way in Lima,Peru

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  • Paul_B 29/12/2014 15:27

    It is nothing! When we went to Lima there was so heavy traffic... You won't belive!!!
    But a great picture. I like it
  • Carolina Fu 09/12/2007 8:37

    Hola Nils..

    Yes,is a less traffic because was wenesday almost 4:30pm there are not a lot cars.

    take care
  • Nils der Knipser 08/12/2007 11:09

    Hello Carolina,

    nice picture and it seems to be a day with less traffic. I can't remember that I have seen this street with just a few cars... :-)

    Regards, Nils.
  • Konrad Kl. 04/12/2007 20:48

    Ja, das zeigt Lima, wie ich's auch kennengelernt habe: bei diesem Wetter mit diesem Verkehr. Und trotzdem würde ich soo gerne wieder hin...
  • Pascal Viyer 03/12/2007 18:16

    Now I know Lima !
    Great highway scene
    amitié, Carolina
    Greetings from France