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Glenn Capers

Premium (World), New York City


A man reclined above the street appear to be elevated by some mystical hindu chant in Sanskrit coming out an ashram behind me. Then again in a blink I know Im in the street and so is he. You can't sit around here it isn't wise.

The Blue city has it's charm once you step around and dodge the hundreds of pigeons on the the wires above that seem to be just waiting for you. Theres no section in any photography book on getting pigeon dropping off your expensive camera, or in my case well worn camera. So here I've learned to keep the camera tilted down and pray only my shirt sleeves get the major mess when a tuk tuk roars up the three and disabuse the dear birds. In the end I didn't was the shirt I just tossed it. My new lenses got lucky until the next outing. In short the birds sank my battleship. .

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