For whom the Bell Tolls

For whom the Bell Tolls

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Glenn Capers

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For whom the Bell Tolls

Over the British mist in small damp and warm corners you can hear the bicycle wheel over bumps race to the distant unique chimes of the local town church.

Often the chimes are complicated and then you being to think that maybe the hunchback of Notre Dam is riding on the bells and calling them by name. Then again that was my first impression until the clambering sound lured me up an old turret to open a door along a spiral str case that madam Claustrophobic.

The Bell Ringers are a dying breed of good fellows, that are being replaces by modern technology, that requires the power never falters.Be here in the Shire small churches that still ring out to call its flock still have hope of continuing on for a generation to come. There are only a handful around the world in comparison to ushers that collect your offering by the Sunday service.

These people are my friends now, and when I am abroad visiting them is like the start of my pilgrimage behind my camera.

You know the sound lingers when you know as you walk away they play a tune for you for being their friends.

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