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let me reach that window

let me reach that window

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Benjamin M. Huber

Free Account, Berlin

let me reach that window

"let me find and reach that window of endless opportunities on the blank wall of my life... or is there just another wall of neverending obstacles?"

That was more or less what i thought when i took this picture. Now this seems to be too dramatic for this nice picture, but because I lack a better description i mention it anyways :D

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  • Klinsing Bernd 02/05/2009 18:37

    sehr schönes Foto, das mit dem Efeu unten links finde ich gerade gut, es wächst Richtung Fenster.
    VG Bernd
  • Jörg Oelmann 24/04/2009 15:07

    Jo sehr schön!!
    Vielleicht unten das Grünzeug noch weg, würde mir glaube ich besser gefallen.

    Bis dann Jörg