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Juice for a Sleeping Diesel

Juice for a Sleeping Diesel

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Juice for a Sleeping Diesel

While MARC, the Maryland Rail Commuter trains operator, does run trains on weekends on its
Penn Line, linking Washington and Baltimore and other points along the Northeast Corridor, the
Brunswick Line gets to "sleep in" on the weekend.

Thus, a bunch of MARC trains can be observed "sleeping" at Brunswick, Maryland. But on winter
weekends like this one during a chilly December, those passenger cars could get mighty frigid when
yawning commuters step aboard for their Monday morning journey to Washington.

The cars get their heating, air-conditioning and other power needs via a 480-volt train-line from the locomotives. So, while the MP-36PH diesel dozes (*) on cold winter nights, trackside power sources such as this one feed the train-line.

They probably also make it easier to wake up the diesel's prime mover at 0-dark-hundred!

This black and white treatment was created from an original Fujichrome Velvia transparency.

©2019 Steve Ember
(*) Do diesels dream? ;-)

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