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Jamnik is a small willage with this extremly phogenic church. For photographers in Slovenia it is like lake Bled

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  • Norgaard 04/09/2012 13:49

    Awesome capture
  • Lindilaine 02/03/2011 21:54

    Beautiful and unusual photo...
  • Laszlo Hopp 15/01/2011 14:05

    The white road leads the eye to the main subject of the church. It is so small within the sheets of intense blue and brown, yet attracts the eyes like a magnet. Excellent composition!
  • CuffPhotography 13/01/2011 9:02

    Agree with Anna, such a rich variety of colours brilliant pic.
  • Anna Asp 12/01/2011 5:51

    What a rich color palette! This is a lovely image with great composition and stunning light. Looks a tad heavy-handed with the cloning tool in the bottom right, though. You might have tried using the hillside instead of the trees. It's hard to disguise the parallel lines of branches and trunks.