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6. Phylip

The history of my photography is not very long but it spread through many years starting in 1965. At that time it was b/w, made in home darkroom, with the materials which I could buy in one of two shops in Ljubljana.
Very soon I become a member of the local Photo Club Kranj and together we went through several soccessful photo exhebitions in former Jugoslavia.
On the ground of several rewards which I received I had been given the nomination for the degree of master of photography.
Soon after I have finished my studies on Faculty of econimics in Ljubljana in 1973 I become too occupied with my profesional career, so I quit photography and continued in 2008 after 35 years. In the meantime photography has become something completely different so it is as I would start from the begining. In fact I am still learning and from day to day I come to the recognition that I know less. But now I am retired and have much more time for this passion.
As it is obvious my favorite is landscape photography with the motives from not far than 30 kilometres from where I live. Sometimes it is the promotion of many beautiful places in Slovenia.
By my opinion nowdays the use of Photoshop is inevitable. Comparing photography 35 years ago it is something completely different but some rules are still the same. I have Nikon D90 with the lens from 10 to 200 mm, Photoshop PS5, fotocommunity is my favorite page.
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