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It just goes on and on

It just goes on and on

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Russell Smith

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It just goes on and on

The road leading to my home town, It is 300klms of this road There are no services or mobile phone coverage for the length of the road. You can see the road disappearing over the far hills. Note the Wedgetail Eagle in flight about the middle of the Photo

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  • Nancy Blach 20/07/2009 21:12

    When somebody wants to visit you, directions and pretty straight.
    I love the view, still road and a movement of the trees or their shape I am not sure, beautiful composition.
  • j.a.j.jansen m. 20/07/2009 18:50

    A nice view, I like it.
  • Clarissa16 20/07/2009 17:46

    very nice picture,
    the bird in the sky,
    The Long way.
    The side of the road,
    Its very Beautifull.