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Tor-Henrik Furmyr

Premium (Pro), Kristiansund N


A little, hairy one guarding the path as we were out walking...

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  • Sarndra 23/03/2007 11:00

    What a gorgeous cat! Just wanna pick it up and cuddle to pieces! Lovely shot

  • Pascal Viyer 10/03/2007 18:53

    A beautiful lord !!
  • Kristie M 10/03/2007 17:02

    i must agree.. a little fuzzy, im not sure if its the resizing, very nice pic otherwise though.
  • Tor-Henrik Furmyr 10/03/2007 16:41

    I don't think that would be possible. in full size i can almost count the hairs in his fur, maybe it's the resizing that makes it look less sharp...
    What do you others think?
  • Christiane Wüllner 10/03/2007 16:27

    Nice "little hairy one" placed great in the picture. I would prefer a bit more skarpness in his face and fur. Have a nice weekend! Christiane