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  • Much Kurniawan 25/01/2009 5:05

    thank you for your comment.

  • Astrid Buschmann 18/10/2008 17:28

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    Greetings Astrid
  • Krishan Kk 02/09/2007 16:29

    Im krishan gupta, I like your all photos so much you are really good...... artist and have a small gallery in udaipur, india. Some of my works include oil paintings on canvas and water colours paintings( realistic and contemporary) . I hope we can be friends .....krishan.

  • Andrea Sagawe 31/08/2007 17:47

    Hi Kristie,
    thanks again. I tried to do it in sepia, but I thought it was a bit to spooky.
  • Andrea Sagawe 31/08/2007 17:41

    Hi Kristie;
    thank you for your comment. I just started at fotocom. a few days ago and i'm always happy about comments -good or bad.
  • Karoline Busterud 12/03/2007 17:36

    Thanks for nice tips om my cat photo, and yes the cat was moving =P I hope you wil comment my other photos to, so that I can thake nicer photos =D
  • Sissi Blume 22/02/2007 22:06

    THANK YOU !!!!
    Greetings from Austria
  • Michel Lamarche 18/02/2007 16:04

    Thank you Kristie for your comment on my Prey's view photo. It is really appreciated. Your early interest in photography and your promissing portfolio make your National Geographic goal accessible if you keep up your good work and really beleive in it.
    Good continuation, I'll be watching you ;-)
    Prey's view
    Prey's view
    Michel Lamarche
  • Pawel Majewski 15/01/2007 9:30

    Thank you Kristie for taking the time to view and comment on my post ...
  • Detlef Klahm 13/01/2007 15:29

    Hi Kristie !

    Keep it,-up shooting..the more practice you get the better you understand the do and do not`s.
    If you do not understand what a f stop is here is a crude explanation...the higher the number lets say 16 the more the lens will close and the more depth of field ( field of sharpness from ponit of focus)in the picture you will have.( good for scenics and macro ) the lower the number the wider open the lens and this will result in a narrow depth of field...very good for action/portraits.

    I am not sure where in the world you live, here in Canada you have the op to take photography classes in highschool.
    ....Take care !
    ....from Vancouver Canada
  • Füsun Özler 09/01/2007 17:54

    Thank you Kristie, with my best wishes
  • Michael Henderson 09/01/2007 0:28

    Thanks Kristie for your comment on my foto, I appreciate it alot. On this foto I did oversaturate it alittle but I like the effect of it and left it alone.

  • Ray Steinberg 08/01/2007 4:49

    Hi Kristie,

    Thanks for your comment on my photo titled
    "May I Help You ? "


  • Sofie Svanberg 07/01/2007 20:15

    Hi! thank you for your nice comment on my picture "Sad? happy? what am I?"

    // Sofie svanberg
  • Rob Brydon 02/01/2007 11:55

    Hi Kristie, what camera do you use? Cheers..Rob
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