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Glenn Capers

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Geo Thermal

Harnessing mother nature. Erotic and powerful. All for just some hot water and electricity to power our homes in Iceland.

Geothermal plants seem to be the clean air improvement. If you get near the steam you'll see a sign that says' "Danger" and often a herd of dead sheep that got to close in search of warmth from the cold wealth. The steam contains a form of toxic sulfur that is unsafe to inhale. This is dangerous for the environment, and when the wind shifts and you are surrounded in the steam which is toxic and above the boils point which you suck into your lungs while escaping the once safe environment. Iceland is a wonderful country to respect and learn from even if the unfiltered drinking and shower water smells like sulfur. IN short the smell from a fish factory was like perfume to my nostril at times.

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