A Heart Filled Flight to Survive

A Heart Filled Flight to Survive

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Glenn Capers

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A Heart Filled Flight to Survive

Even in bad weather the puffin have a job to do. Feed their family. Wen you watch Puffin's you have to deal with a lot of levels in order to see where all living beings have human nature. Human nature should not be an elite title for humans. After all intelligent human beings kill everyday for a profit to stay in the elite column of life for their species.
I'm standing on the top of a cliff inhaling water from the Norwegian Sea, and getting every dollar out of my brand name camera wondering if it'll matter. Just shoot the soaking wet Puffin, I think aloud of the rain and wind beating and moving me about.

Why don't they just stay in and cuddle up and stay warm. After a time you realize that the seagulls are getting pissed because there are no small puffin babies to eat. The babies are standing about watching Dad do the grunt work, and families now group together boldly. They chicks are getting so fat from the rich resource of Sardines 24/7. Then you get it. The adult Puffins are evolving. If the chicks get to big for their flights the Seagulls won't attack them because they are to big to swallow in flight, and last they won't be able to figure out who is a chick and who is an adult.

The sad part is the Puffins that are in a hurry for early departure with chicks give the seagulls something to eat and their only hope in literally in the thousands that take off in mass herds on first flights.

The Puffin don't stand by you and tell you any strategy. You just have to show up late in their birth cycle and see the difference in child puffin development. With that in mind, yu get to discover that human nature extends beyond our limited concept of elitism as a top species. Never forget we share the will to survive with all living on this global village we call our home.

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