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Fruit Seller

Koya Town - N.Iraq

The boy in the Picture was so happy with this photograph that, he was following and forcing us to eat in one of his uncles hotel. :)
People are here are very innocent and soft.

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  • Abdul Khaliq 26/05/2013 13:24

    @ Reinhard, Kurdistan region you will mostly Friendly pictures :)
  • Reinhard Gebauer 25/05/2013 2:16

    I like to see friendly pictures like this,
    but I afraid, there are other pictures of Iraq.
    Greets, Reinhard
  • Sabine KöllnXX 17/07/2011 20:00

    He looks like a kid, with his Sponge Bob tshirt - but also seems very adult and responsible - and I can imagine he wanted to give something back to you by showing you good places to eat.
    Nicely caputured!
    Greets, Sabine
  • Anna Kowalski 17/07/2011 0:00

    Yes, the boy in the picture has beautiful face, so innocent with such a soft expression... Hope you can show him he's on Internet...
    Such intensive colours this photo has ...
  • Ingrid H 15/07/2011 22:27

    yes, it seems he's very proud of keeping this shop for a moment... :-))) and also very interesting the expression of the other guy passing him!!! it's the same here in our country - they are spending lot of time to decorate their fruits in a nice manner to invite ppl to buy smth!!!!
    great streat-pic! bye, ingrid h