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Dianna Tilley

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I am working and trying new things with shadows and light. This is a humpback bridge in suburban Detriot. I would appreciate your advice and thoughts on this one. I will be posting several to see what you think.
Please let me know your thoughts.

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  • Eva Mojave C. 22/05/2007 14:10

    I like the bridge :-)

    Terry is right with the sun, but I like the POV and the composition and longer shadow would bring another lines in the image which might work better in other POV

    Cheers Eva
  • Terry Dye 18/05/2007 12:06

    I like the composition and the lines within your image here. You gave up a little bit of image real estate at the bottom left. It's nearly black. Okay, it's a difficult lighting situation. I would have waited a little longer or shot sooner. I'm not sure what time of day this way, but my point is get the shadows of the bridge a bit wider. This would mean the sun should be down a few degrees from it's current position to cast even greater shadows. Your goal was shadows and light. The only interesting shadow is that of the bridge's railings. A longer shadow cast would/could have been a bit more interesting.