Flowers in Barcelos

Flowers in Barcelos

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Fernand A.

Free Account, Paris

Flowers in Barcelos

This was in small garden in Barcelos.
Canon Powershot G3 (lens: 7.2-28.8 ie 35-140 in 35mm) - 25mm - F/4 - 1/800s.

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  • Seraphine Wilhelm 17/07/2006 20:16

    love the colors and the frame. looks like a happy place 2 be at.
  • JVision 16/04/2005 15:09

    Very beautiful motif and composition. I love the colors.
  • Cees Kuijs 26/02/2005 20:41

    Fernand,Very good composition.
  • Martina Cross 25/02/2005 22:27

    oh thats the smelly ones, right?? great colour shok for those grey and dull days....
    cheers from scotland
  • Stephan Kriwet 20/02/2005 12:25

    Hi Fernand
    Very nice colors, it's grey in Münster today.
    Indeed Anastacia has improved your pic, it seems to be sharpened. I upload only 260KB. pcitures, this is always better.
    Greetings Stephan
  • Fernand A. 20/02/2005 9:59

    Thanks a lot for that Anastasy ! It was not a scan. It was a 4M digital picture (size=2.1Mb). But I had to save it with a quality factor of 3 in PS (even if the picture size without the frame is 640x480) in order to get a picture < 130 K. This is because there is a lot of details.
    Your picture size is 192Kb and it's maybe why it's better.
    What I do not understand is how your picture could be better than my bad original !
    I think I need a digital processing training course. I'm novice on that ;-) Maybe a PS book ...
    Thanks for that again,
  • Anastasiya Ivanova 20/02/2005 9:35

    You scanned this into your computer? it's a bit vague on it.
    very beautiful flowers, of great color it is!
    I did some improvment on it...
    looks not much better eh..;)

    LG Ana