Until the top !

Until the top !

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Fernand A.

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Until the top !

This is a telco tower on the top of a moutain near Fes. It is very old and it's why those workers are very brave above all the one that reached the top to do his work !
Canon Powershot G3 (lens: 7.2-28.8 ie 35-140 in 35mm) - 29mm - F/4.5 - 1/1250s.

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  • JVision 17/02/2005 13:32

    Impressing !!
  • n o r B Ä R t 16/02/2005 21:00

    cool view from this place on top !

    n o r B Ä R t
  • Stephan Kriwet 16/02/2005 20:06

    Interesting foto, good frame.
    Nothing can happen , he ist connected with a line...
    Nearly nothing . ;-)
  • Fernand A. 14/02/2005 18:43

    I made no image processing. This is the raw image I get with my camera. There was just a big grey cloud above us ;-)
  • Lara Mouvée 14/02/2005 17:54

    interesting and only with a few points of colors ...I like it ....and I don't want to be up there ;-))))
    have you taken the sky away or was it so grey?