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Anna Skowronek

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tasty, very tasty

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  • Anna Skowronek 02/09/2004 16:17

    halo RemRem
    there'll be more of my toys, as you call them, i promise.
    and what about your masacred face? will i see more too?
  • Remsi Remsen 02/09/2004 13:32

    bah ih bah! ;)
    fennel! uärghs... but as a toy to bat it around with a baseball club tied to a stick or something - well its great! hehe
    show me more of those "evil" seeds ready for such a usage!! that pleases me...

    life is a bitch... ;)
    severely RR
  • Kamila Lewkowicz 01/09/2004 16:55

    that's great!
    Ania, you did it exactly in my favourite way.