Everyone has a dream

Everyone has a dream

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Lovisa Lagerquist

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Everyone has a dream

Everyone has a dream - My dreams will come true
Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-135mm


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  • Halvorsen 21/11/2008 16:08

    Oh, wonderful picture!
    And superb title...
    Very, very well done!
  • Olave 11/01/2008 13:41

    beaty good thaken...compliments..Manuel.....
  • Zhenya Z. 22/07/2007 8:46

    Lovisa - You dream of beginning a horse?
  • Anselmo Pelembe 02/05/2007 15:07

    good shot
  • Petra P 27/04/2007 17:45

    nice colours :D
    i like this picture...

  • Veronikaa Ahlin 02/04/2007 18:59

    Good photo! I relly like it!
    Good colors and the horse looks very beatiful!!

    //Veronika Ahlin
  • Atle Garmann 08/03/2007 22:23

    Nice shoot and I like the look in the horse’s eye. Wonder what is on his mind this time. :)

    Cheers Atle.
  • Anna Attlid 08/03/2007 18:17

    Very nice and good colours I must say. Especially since it seems to be raining/snowing? Oh well. This photo makes me feel a bit.. sad and wondering.
    Beautiful horse and you've caught him good with the ear position and the look in his eyes. The background has a discreet colour which is good. One thing I don't like is the redness in his eye, but I guess that's only me.
    Hope you will enjoy your new camera. :)

    Anna Attlid