End of morning frost

End of morning frost

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Anatoly Kraynikov

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End of morning frost

This pic has been taken couple hours after

Touched by Winter
Touched by Winter
Anatoly Kraynikov
The sun came out from behind the forest and its rays melted down hoarfrost...

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  • LEE ELLAMS 21/10/2004 18:00

    i love the colours, im really into these types of photos at the moment. nice one
  • Anatoly Kraynikov 21/10/2004 10:54

    Last week-end we had -5 at night and +10 at noon. :-) This temperature difference caused such a wonderful hoarfrost in the morning.
    Now it's +7 and raining 4th day in a row...

    Would you keep a good weather in Germany until New Year - I'm going to spent a week on NY in Muchich. :-)))
  • Doc Kramer 21/10/2004 10:36

    I wonder how you get those
    frozen pictures we have in düsseldorf
    but how ever both are looking very nice.

    take care