Encre de Chine 001

Encre de Chine 001

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Jozef Elias Wolak

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Encre de Chine 001

A series of chinese ink paintings. Everything is constantly moving, changing. Starting by sub-conscious movements, mostly with my eyes closed, sometimes using a brush in both hands, I project an instant of these moving inner energies on the paper. Then, taking this as a starting point, I try to create harmony from my perspective. This to give anything a place, a reason and sense for being, saying: "Everything has divine purpose. Even if we don't see it right away, all has it's place in cosmic order and harmony".

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  • Kombizz Kashani 25/12/2006 14:07

    nice coordination of colors

    With Madness Like to Mine

    NOT one is filled with madness like to mine
    In all the taverns! my soiled robe lies here,
    There my neglected book, both pledged for wine.
    With dust my heart is thick, that should be clear,
    A glass to mirror forth the Great King's face;
    One ray of light from out Thy dwelling-place
    To pierce my night, oh God! and draw me near.

    From out mine eyes unto my garment's hem
    A river flows; perchance my cypress-tree
    Beside that stream may rear her lofty stem,
    Watering her roots with tears. Ah, bring to me
    The wine vessel! since my Love's cheek is hid,
    A flood of grief comes from my heart unbid,
    And turns mine eyes into a bitter sea!

    Nay, by the hand that sells me wine, I vow
    No more the brimming cup shall touch my lips,
    Until my mistress with her radiant brow
    Adorns my feast-until Love's secret slips
    From her, as from the candle's tongue of flame,
    Though I, the singèd moth, for very shame,
    Dare not extol Love's light without eclipse.

    Red wine I worship, and I worship her--
    Speak not to me of anything beside,
    For nought but these on earth or heaven I care.
    What though the proud narcissus flowers defied
    Thy shining eyes to prove themselves more bright,
    Yet heed them not! those that are clear of sight
    Follow not them to whom all light's denied.

    Before the tavern door a Christian sang
    To sound of pipe and drum, what time the earth
    Awaited the white dawn, and gaily rang
    Upon mine ear those harbingers of mirth:
    "If the True Faith be such as thou dost say,
    Alas! my Hafiz, that this sweet To-day
    Should bring unknown To-morrow to the birth!"

    - Hafez