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Street view of the Citadel in Dinant along the Meuse

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  • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 17/08/2020 13:28

    I suppose it is in the Netherlands. Nice picture of your home country.
    • RoeSo 17/08/2020 14:04

      No it’s not the Netherlands, it’s Belgium ,and thank you I appreciate your comment
    • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 17/08/2020 15:22

      Dear RoeSo, 
      I was sometimes in Belgium since I had an uncle living in Groot-Bijgaarden near Brüssels. But he died some time ago and also because of Covid 19 I am not visiting Belgium so soon.
      Stay healthy and enjoy your home country.
      "Au revoir" Hansjörg
    • RoeSo 26/08/2020 6:35

      My condolences for your uncle  , and true it’s not a really good time to travel now due the covid 19 , but one day all will be better again , and then we can travel again , without fear , keep it safe ..and thank you for your comment
    • Hansjörg - www.photodesign-digital.eu 30/08/2020 0:11

      It took me some time to answer your post, sorry. Thanks for the condolences. I will miss the funderal but Brussels is now considered to be a "high risk" area by the German authorities and that makes some problems when returning to Germany. We will see how the development continues and hopefull it won't be as problematic as in spring. But Germany is also considered to be a "high risk region" by some other governments (e.g. Finland or the Baltic states). 
      Best regards Hajö


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Camera Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Lens TAMRON 28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD A010
Aperture 22
Exposure time 1/50
Focus length 28.0 mm
ISO 200

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