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Cognitive dissonance....

Cognitive dissonance....

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Jeff Burgess

Free Account, Seattle

Cognitive dissonance....

Original image of doll's head. Multiple filters, manipulations, more filters, more manipulations....well you know the drill.........and viola.....something to look at and hope will get to the gallery.....(:

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  • Jeff Burgess 29/11/2007 21:47

    This image and some others were selected as directors pic of my site on advanced Thanks for all of your comments. I have a new more vivid image with much brighter be uploaded soon. Thanks for your comments.
  • Andrej Nagode 04/11/2007 18:06

    Wow...nice work!
    I like it!
    BW Andrejc
  • Claire L. 28/09/2007 9:03

    Yes..I love your comment, too...
    The multi-layered picture is an excellent first sight it reminded of an Egyptian statue; the bright colours are vivacious and in contrast to the beauty of decay.
    Fantastic, Jeff....great work!!!
    Kind regards, Claire
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 16/09/2007 21:24

    : ))) i like your comment better than any i cld leave right now! i'm braindead so this is a lame comment but...very cool image!! responses to FM forthcoming when more neurons start to fire...damn synapse is too far a distance sometimes, ain't it. pfffffhtt. hee hee.
    see ya soon,
  • Isabel2 Cruz 16/09/2007 10:39

    Great artist work:)