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Catching the Blue

Catching the Blue

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Frederick E Gaghauna

Free Account, Banda Aceh

Catching the Blue

It's in Peukan Bada, Banda Aceh, photo taken during 6-7 PM. This is the most Tsunami affected area in Aceh.

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  • aaammmsss 26/03/2008 16:55

    blue world....great shoot bro....if its in indonisia i will go there inshaallah :)

    iam (AMR) from (cairo) in egypt
  • aw masry 27/09/2007 13:51

    Nice Scene !!!
    Angle perlu turun dan spot ke penjala ikan untuk memperkuat Point of View sesuai judul :-) IMHO.
    Best regards - andi aw masry.
  • Alexandru Valentin Iedu 26/09/2007 18:14

    Nice shoot ...
    I like it ...
    Best regards,