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Hello Foto Mania!
I am Freddy from Indonesia, currently I am working with an International Humanity Agency here in Aceh. I really love photography and want to share the joy of it. It's a pleasure if I can meet with an international community such as fotocommunity. Please give your comments to my photos as it will give a spirit to share more photo here.

Pictures tells a thousand words right? so wish us the best!

Keep Uploading!!

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  • Canan Oner 12/12/2010 22:36

  • Canan Oner 15/12/2009 13:01

    With all my best wishes..
  • Müslüm Yasargun 07/08/2009 8:51

    Thank you very much Frederick. See you.
  • Canan Oner 09/12/2008 2:06

  • Canan Oner 08/09/2008 13:40

    Thank you so much Frederick..
    Have a nice week,
  • Markus Sparkus 22/05/2008 12:50

    hey Frederick, thanks for the comment, you've got some beautiful photos here!

    i went to Indonesia when i was 3, but i only remember a giant air-conditioned cinema in Jakarta called the Golden Snail :D
  • Ainul Hadi 17/04/2008 18:10

    Hehe... Jumpa lagi di FC, dah lama juga aku ga aktif, soalnya kalau dikantor ni website kena block... btw picnya keren2... Salut....
  • Photography Serdar Yula 26/03/2008 13:12

    Cantik!! :P
  • Canan Oner 11/12/2007 13:40

  • Canan Oner 04/10/2007 15:12

    Thank you so much again Frederick !!
    So kind of you...

    Cheers, Canan
  • Canan Oner 04/10/2007 10:40

    Hi Frederick !
    So nice seeing you visiting my pictures...
    Thank you very much !
    Best wishes, Canan
  • Michl Bittmann 28/09/2007 17:32

    Selamat datang di fc, Freddy.
    It is nice to find one more who can show us photos from
    "real" Indonesia. I hope there will be lots of...
    Salam Michael
  • aw masry 27/09/2007 12:43

    Hi Friend

    Ini abis panjat pinang :-) Ini salah satu gambar dari seri peringatan kemerdekaan.
    Trims atas koment-nya ya. Tentu saya sangat menghargainya.
    Senang anda bergabung di sini. Welcome to You.
    Ditunggu foto-fotonya, terutama di Aceh sana (.. eh lagi di Aceh ya hehe)

    Best regards - andi aw masry
  • Harald Kilsch 27/09/2007 11:15

    Welcome in Fc and many nice contacts.
    Every time good light
    vG Harald
  • felidae. 26/09/2007 16:14

    Welcome to the
    We`re glad that you`ve found this place to share your passion for photography.

    For further help you can have a look at the following links :

    For online help, just look here:

    If there is still anything else you want to know, don´t hesitate to write us.

    Enjoy the fotocommunity! :-) :-) :-)

    Grit Siwonia, Youth channel manager
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