Catching photographers on the street

Catching photographers on the street

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Dennis Veldman

Free Account, Rotterdam

Catching photographers on the street

Ok, here it is!
The first photo that is done :)
I shot Mark Groen on the Haarlemmerdijk in amsterdam with my new baby "Canonet" - first time ever with film, developed and scanned with the imacon with help from Hyung & Ludwig :)

I ran into mark when i was going to get some more film, because i only got one film at the store where i got the camera and said, im going to shoot you ;)

Canonet QL19
TMAX400 Black & White film
ASA 400
shutterspeed 1/60

cloudy day


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  • Andy Pomplun 09/04/2008 12:46

    you wanted more, so you get more:

    Andy Pomplun

    :))) cheers!
  • Andy Pomplun 03/04/2008 18:31

    well, one really important thing about rangefinders and why they used to be so popular is size and weight. What a street photographer did and still does when using a rangefinder, is to go out on the street, measure the light, set the camera dof-range from, let's say 10 feet to infinite, adjust the shutter speed to it and take pictures.... the dof range is marked on the lens, that's basically it. wide angle lenses help, that is why the 28mm is so famous on a rangefinder.... don't move up too close to the motif and you'll be set well. Nothing really more to say :)
  • Dennis Veldman 03/04/2008 16:06

    exactly! tell me more!!!
    lot i dont know about rangefinders & what they can do!
  • Andy Pomplun 03/04/2008 10:26

    I really believe you being nervous, hehe. And as on any other media, there is no excuses, have a look at Jim Rakete's last book, all done with a vintage cam on large size film, shutter speed 1/8 of a second.... If you wouldn't be told, you wouldn't know..... :))

    sorry, couldn't find a English version :)
  • Dennis Veldman 03/04/2008 0:51

    VERY! i cant wait, saturday ill have a fashionshoot with two models (real ones from an agency hihihi) shooting outside, with color film :)
    lightmeter with me (no flashes or other lightsources that use electric power)
    instead of hot or flashlight i will have two mega lighttorches with a white sheet of paper in front of them that we will aim at the models faces...

    cant wait, been busy with organising for over a month...

    brrr (im a bit nervous as well)
  • Andy Pomplun 03/04/2008 0:27

    hehe, model was not soo seriously meant :) and yes, this is not bad at all for a guy just starting analog, isn't that soooooo exciting? :) keep'em rolling buddy!!!
  • Dennis Veldman 03/04/2008 0:02

    heeeey andy,

    this is not really a model :) just someone i know, who moved around as i tried to focus with the manual focus on the canonet. he was moving and saying, come on shoot.

    i never shot with a analog, and i didnt know the correct settings so this is the result. (just got the cam and didnt have my lightmeter with me)

    not bad for a analog newb huh?
  • Andy Pomplun 02/04/2008 15:42

    like the grain, a great smile from your model, although on a cloudy day you could easily have gone for a wider aperture like 4 or so, a higher shutter speed and maybe would have gotten far less motion blur ;)
  • Dennis Veldman 30/03/2008 19:23

    :) thanks petra, dave, martin & Olli!

    its so exciting!!!

    more even than shooting with digital
  • Petra Sommerlad 29/03/2008 23:06

    Very natural and positive! LG EPtra
  • Dennis Veldman 29/03/2008 22:04

    You should!!
    nearly one week with this analog and i refound my passion
  • Dave Donaldson 29/03/2008 22:02

    great natural image ,grain brilliant going to have to dust off my Nikkormat..
  • Martin Nederl ( physiotherapeut ) 29/03/2008 21:43

    ja dat is ook een aardige foto

    Ja ist klasse s/w

    Wonderfull s/w

    lg martindick
  • Oliver Suhr 29/03/2008 20:00

    Welcome to the analog world!
    nice grain, let's wait for more.....
    grtz, Olli