Candy Dulfer & Singer

Candy Dulfer & Singer

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Dennis Veldman

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Candy Dulfer & Singer

performing at the millionairs masquerade with candy dulfer

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  • Dirk Hofmann 28/03/2008 22:56

    yep ... looks like it was a nice evening ... :-)

    i have to admit: i'm a little bit jealous ... :-PP
  • Petra Sommerlad 28/03/2008 2:40

    I like the whole series actually, very lively, very genuine with full atmosphere instead of sterile stage shots. Perfect. LG PEtra
  • Martin Nederl ( physiotherapeut ) 27/03/2008 21:38

    Ja dit is weer een hele mooie foto
    Haar gezicht is niet zo belangrijk kijk naar de zanger
    pracht van een uitstraling is volledig met zijn vak bezig
    komt ook duidelijk over op deze foto !!
    En kijk naar de handen van Candy Dulfer prachtig en helder !
    Gezicht is dan even niet belangrijk ,
    wel de foto het totale beeld

    Bravo an de fotograaf ( Dennis )

    lg martindick

  • Dennis Veldman 27/03/2008 20:07

    it is - a moment in time. and i like to capture it that way :)

    happy to hear that you like the photo, did you see the other ones?
  • Dirk Hofmann 27/03/2008 20:02

    99.9% of live concert shots are done in bad light ... looks like you can't do anything about it.

    even if they have a good light equipment and sometimes photographers get the chance for some "set up shots" for example during rehearsals: the phtographer might get a "good light shot" then, but never the real live action as you got in the shot above.

    i always prefered to get the real atmosphere instead of "perfect light" ... ;-))

    and i think it's the same with you.

  • Dennis Veldman 27/03/2008 19:57

    she's dutch, and she lived in the same street acroos from where my grandfather lived. after i shot these i have sent them to her and she liked them alot. seeing the bad lighting situation that night :)

    she's cool
  • Dirk Hofmann 27/03/2008 19:50

    i actually didn't know she's dutch ....

    good choice of angle ... adds dynamic to the shot.
  • Dennis Veldman 27/03/2008 19:25

  • Flighty Furrow 27/03/2008 19:15

    Graafe foto! Jammer allen dat men haar gezicht niet ziet.