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Castle 'Reinhardstein' at Robertville (Belgium)

Castle 'Reinhardstein' at Robertville (Belgium)

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Mark Billiau.

Premium (World), region Antwerp, Belgium

Castle 'Reinhardstein' at Robertville (Belgium)

This castle is the highest located castle in Belgium (500 meter above sea-level) and is situated, isolated from the modern world, on top of a mass of rocks deep in the heart of the afforested valley of the Warche river, on a place previously chosen by the Celts in prehistoric times (about 4000 years ago).

The first castle on this spot was built in 1354.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the castle fell into disrepair due to financial problems of the then owners who left the premises.
Rumors that a treasure of gold and silver could have been hidden around the castle attracted numerous treasure hunters, who left the property in a pitiful state and the castle ended up as a complete ruin !

However, in 1969 a Belgian university professor bought the ruins from the government and decided to restore it to its past grandeur.
The restoration was completed in 1971 after 6 years of hard work because of the difficult accessibility.

The restoration works were based on old 17th century documents, engravings and drawings that were followed as closely as possible.
The result is what we can still see today.

Location : Ovifat – Robertville (Belgium)

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