castle in the night

castle in the night

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  • lei 19/09/2007 0:08

    Dear Micha,

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, I've visited some places in Pfalz, but most of times I've been in Karlsruhe, for shopping :)... I've been also to some smaller cities in south of France,they are quite nice, I love them a lot, especially the moment when I heard people saying "merci ", probably because I've already get use to "danke" :)...

  • M.i.c.h.a 18/09/2007 23:59

    Hi lei!

    What a lovely view of the castl of Karlsruhe. Such pictures taken at night are one of my favourites.
    I did also see your other pictures... have you made a trip through the Pfalz and parts of France?

    all the best