Camera Obscura II

Camera Obscura II

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Susie Q

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Camera Obscura II

f/325 | Ilford MGIV | scan from positive

Camera Obscura I
Camera Obscura I
Susie Q

Camera Obscura IV
Camera Obscura IV
Susie Q

Camera Obscura III
Camera Obscura III
Susie Q

"Who would believe that so small a space could contain the image of all the universe? O mighty process! What talent can avail to penetrate a nature such as these? What tongue will it be that can unfold so great a wonder? Verily, none! This it is that guides the human discourse to the considering of divine things. Here the figures, here the colours, here all the images of every part of the universe are contracted to a point.
O what a point is so marvelous!"

Leonardo Da Vinci on the camera obscura

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  • John Bennett 12/04/2007 20:29

    Greetings John.
  • Dragomir Vukovic 12/04/2007 1:18

  • Susie Q 12/04/2007 0:19

    Thank you for your valued feedback Andy, Maguire and Claude; it's good of you to each view and comment ...

    And thank you too, Csaba - delighted you like it! Re f/300 - this relates to the f/stop of my homemade camera, given the 6½ inch (162.5 mm) focal length (diameter) of the paint can and the 0.5 mm diameter of the aperture (the f/stop would've actually been more accurately stated as f/325 - I'll edit that! lol).

    The positive was made as a contact print in the darkroom by using an enlarger to expose through the developed negative directly onto another sheet of light sensitive photographic paper, face to face (emulsion side to emulsion side), and then developing this now exposed paper into the final contact print, which was then scanned for uploading.

    Incidentally, anyone interested in reading about pinhole photography will find plenty of information on the web - this site is a good starting point for anyone wishing to make their own camera:


    Susie :o)

  • Claude Coeudevez 11/04/2007 21:11

    Susie, its a great photo !
  • Maguire 11/04/2007 15:03

  • Csaba Masznyik 11/04/2007 14:59

    The picture quality is rather good!
    (That's why I was thinking about the way of making of the previous one...)
    What does f/300 means? How did You achieve the positive?
    I like this picture very much. The missing peak of the roof gives a kind of incidental look of the photograph.
    And as an architect I love the small wooden house :-)
  • Andrew Le Busque(vizard photography..) 11/04/2007 12:30

    I love the texture in this. And the darkness at the bottom and the side is great. Well done.