Bike and Girls, Würzburg

Bike and Girls, Würzburg

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Bike and Girls, Würzburg

A damp, chilly, overcast day in February was perhaps not the best opportunity
for discovering the classical beauty of this history-steeped German city.

But the photographer's eyes are always open, with cameras
ready. So it was that, with my German friend (and F-C member)
Thomas Reitzel, a fellow photographer, as my guide, I would
discover some of the visual vibrancy that Würzburg has to offer.

Street photography was the order of the day, and this scene is
one of my favorites.

The bike sits, appropriately enough, in front of a poster urging the residents
of Würzburg to think green and use public transportation, walk...or ride a bike.

But the two girls carrying on a lively conversation close by just
made the image gel in my viewfinder. And I forgot about how damp,
chilly, and overcast it was.

The photograph was taken on Fujicolor NPH-400 in a Canon EOS-1
with Tamron 28-200 mm lens.

Photo/Text ©2008/2010 Steve Ember

Comments 3

  • mike snead 24/09/2011 1:14

    very good.

  • Thomas Reitzel 24/07/2010 9:07

    Chattin´n movin´ - the hallmarks of the younger generation, wherever they are, whatever the weather´s like!
    The image added some colour to the extremely dull day, but, because of this created some moody images as well in other places then(Schlossgarten!).
    Have a nice weekend so far! Maybe we´ll meet again here today!
    VG Tom
  • winkphoto 24/07/2010 7:49

    I like it!