Trams and Flippers, Mannheim

Trams and Flippers, Mannheim

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Trams and Flippers, Mannheim

I find European trams an inviting motif for photography.

There is such variety in types of equipment (a plus for the rail fan in me!), but also such variety in colors,
as well as the flair of the better advertising, which adds "personality" to the cars. They unfailingly enliven
the "street scene," and often serve to add a welcome splash of color on even the most dreary days.

This winter Saturday in Mannheim was bright and sunny, which made the lively colors of the two trams all the more inviting.

But what really caught my eye was the whimsical serendipity - and the way the colors in the PONS language guide poster
coordinated so nicely with the colors of the two trains.

Photo/Text ©2008/2010 Steve Ember

Taken while exploring the visual delights of Mannheim with fellow F-C photogs Thomas Reitzel and the "Sandhöfer."
Vielen Dank, Sandhöfer, for the wonderful introduction to Mannheim's (and Heidelberg's!) inviting tram systems.

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