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KoolGirlieStuff Photography Tom Eitnier


Bee Sting

Front end details of a very rare Dodge
Model: 1970 Dodge Cornet 440 Magnum Super Bee
Camera: Sony Digital CD500
Very Rare 1970 Dodge Cornet 440 Magnum Super Bee with factory 4-speed and posi rear.

(Untouched Digital photo)

This car came from a private collection to be sold in Florida and didn`t even make it off the trailer before it was sold for a price in the $30k range.

This work is official commercial work of Digital Retro Photography and copyrighted protected property of Tom Eitnier

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  • Amigo Zomtec 03/10/2004 14:50

    ...i love the old names...."Dodge Cornet 440 Magnum Super Bee" does'nt that sound hot!?...

    ...nice detail, looks great...