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Welcome to the Crazy n Colourful sometimes Black n White RETRO inspired world of KoolGirlieStuff and Digital Retro Photography by Tom Eitnier
I`m one of the leading retro/fetish fashion photographers in Florida, based near Tampa.

I do not shoot TEXTBOOK "Lysol" styled work filled with technical schnik schnak, Retro and PINUP is an artform in itself and the "styling" is what makes the photograph.....not the technical infos, you cannot compare my work with still photography or landscapes and many people who shoot this style of work need to rely on their technical know-how.....for me it`s the beauty and the styling that`s what makes RETRO PINUP photography and if you don`t have the "eye" for it, you can`t shoot it PERIOD!

And now just a little bit about myself:


"This is more than just Photography it`s an artistic style and movement based on retro styles and feelings"

Hello my name`s Tom Eitnier and I`ve been a photographer shooting retro styled fashion and fetish work since 1995

It all STARTED in Nurnberg, Germany, Thanks to an ex girlfriend Diana Vucic who got me started into retro and fashion photography based on ideas of vintage European fashion and Bettie Page styled cheesecake fetish and bondage in the long lost art of the PINUP girl.

I love retro and vintage clothes and the use of vintage cars and props in my photography, it`s like going back in time for a few hours, like a little movie.

I shoot REAL FILM!!!!!

Yes, I still use 35mm film, both colour and black and white films using a Leica M6 a Canon F-1 and various Leica IIIC and Canon - M39 Thread Mount Cameras from the 1940`s and 1950`s

I also use Carl Zeiss and Leica Digital cameras

I`m influenced by 1930`s to 1970`s fashion and by the likes as such famous photographers such as Peter Gowland, Bill Hamilton, Horst P. Horst, Bunny Yeager, Philippe Halsman, Man Ray, John Willie, Eric Stanton, Elmer Batters, Irving & Paula Klaw, Harrison Marks and Serge Jacques.

I like to use colour to it`s extremes in retro styles, also twisted and novel ideas based on old movies, TV shows and vintage fashion.......I`m especially fond of the history of the cold war and 1960`s fashion and spy movies!

(Turtleneck sweater + miniskirt + boots + weapon or Minox = spygirl)

Now based in Florida, but I have plans to return to Germany in (2008) for limited TFP (Time For Prints) and PAID COMMERCIAL shoots for agencies and clients.
I`m wanting to express my love of retro, fetish and art nude with aspiring German models.

I`m looking for professional designers, makeup and hair stylists for retro fashion /fetish shoots while I`m in Germany, also any networking and slots to FEATURE my photography work in well known German magazines and also for representation through any interested photo agencies or galleries for
distribution of my work in Europe.


KoolGirlieStuff plans extensive retro fashion tribute sessions shot in remembering some of the Greatest European actresses who have ever lived, DROP EVERYTHING that you are doing and write me if you LOOK or KNOW anyone in D/A/Ch who looks like the following famous actresses

*Romy Schneider* ( very complex photo shoots planned for this model from Baroque to Dali to Fetish styles)
*Greta Garbo* Swedish movie goddess of the 20`s 30`s and 40`s
*Karin Dor*
*Karin Baal*
*Alida Valli* (very complex 1940`s tribute to my favortie movie of all time "Der Dritte Mann" to be shot on location in Vienna
*Marion Michael* Brigitte Bardot look alike star of the 1956 German classic "Liane, das Mädchen aus dem Urwald"
*Hildegard Knef*
*Christa Päffgen aka Nico* (world reknowned early 1960`s German high fashion model / Andy Warhol muse, singer from the Velvet Underground and sadly a Heroin casualty)
*Christine Kaufmann*
*Nadja Tiller* Very special Rosemarie Nitribitt photo session planned along with 190 SL Mercedes and Rosie`s poodle Joe)
*Anita Ekberg*
*Mai Zetterling* (forgotten Swedish photo model and actress)
*Pamela Tiffin * (very special retro German Coca Cola tribute photo shoot will be shot with German retro model Sarah Boländer)
*Elke Sommer*
*Yutte Stensgaard* (maybe the greatest female vampire ever? Classic retro horror tribute shoot to be shot with German retro model Sarah Boländer)
*Shirley Eaton* (The murdered girl of gold from the GREATEST James Bond movie ever made GOLDFINGER!)
*Honor Blackman* (Ms. Catherine Gale.....the ONLY Avengers girl!!!!!)
*Liselotte Pulver*
*Sofia Loren*
*Jean Seberg*
And anyone else from the 1950`s or 60`s European cimema

If I think you look like someone famous I WILL contact you :)


ANY German/Austrian or Swiss based models who seriously want to shoot something really different, you DON`T have to look like someone famous to work with me, just have a SERIOUS ambition and DRIVE to be working in my RETRO fashion and fetish fashion styles.....pack your bags, clothes and makeup our tickets are bought, our final destination is yesterday!


ACHTUNG! Ich lese und spreche DEUTSCH , aber mein Schreiben ist nicht so gut, ok?

Please feel free to contact me in either English or German via private message on AIM = KOOLGIRLIESTUFF or at


Dankeschone and Thank You :)

Tom Eitnier

Winter Haven, Florida USA

And now two rather interesting quotes..........

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough."

Robert Capa 1913-1954
(World famous combat photographer and one of the founding members of MAGNUM , killed by a landline in French Indochina (the country now known as Vietnam) in 1954


"I want to be remembered much more for a total vision than for a few perfect single pictures."

Ernst Haas 1921-1986
(World famous Leica photographer and the Father of colour photography)



PS I would like to say a nice big DANKESCHONE to everyone here at the FC (especially Sarah Boländer) and to all those who stop by and say hello and critic my work, you have made me the most welcome.
This is really the FIRST time I`m getting a reaction about my work in Europe since it`s being published in TIKI LOUNGE magazine 2001/2002 my work is finally being seen back in Germany.
My work is well known in the retro and fetish fashion scene in America, but I hope to cut new ground in Europe, while my roots really ARE still in Germany and it`s postwar culture 1948 to 1968..........once again everyone.



Comments 57

  • Sterni . 23/12/2008 8:10

    hallo ,
    ich wünsch dir ein frohes weihnachstfest und ein wenig zeit für neue erfolgreiche fotos. gutes licht und noch bessere ideen fürs neue jahr wünscht dir. es war schön und inspirierend, in diesem jahr die meinung über die bilder mit dir auszutauschen.
  • Peter Odefey 05/04/2007 17:32

    Straight perfect retro-look!

    Congratiolations to you for all of the Pictures!

    I will come back on this profile

  • † Ute Allendoerfer 17/01/2007 7:55

    ;)) gut, ich freue mich mit dir. Grüsse aus Deutschland.
    Lieben Gruss Ute die kein Wort englisch kann, und Ingo zu Hilfe geholt hat.
  • Thorsten Haustein 02/05/2006 23:28

    Hi Tom

    Very nice pictures
    greetings from germany
  • Julia Freitag 22/04/2006 3:30

    Hello Tom

    I just want to say hello to you from Cape Coral, Florida
    I live here since about 2 years, i moved over from germany. Hope to hear from you some time

    greetz Julia
  • Nola Nola 29/01/2006 19:52

    ahh schön dich auch hier zu finden :-)


  • Chri S 16/01/2006 15:48

    You have mad photos, there greatly! Greetings from Lower Saxony

  • Miss Magentabee 03/09/2005 21:49


    your pics are awesome...
    I´ll would love to work with you, but the USA are soo far away;(

    lovely greetz
  • Jennifer Wolf 08/05/2005 22:06

    Thanks for your statment. You have some awesome pics on your portfolio .... Jenn
  • Julia LeChatNoiR 07/05/2005 14:20

    wow, your work is really amazing!
    nice greetings from germany!
  • Tiffany Black 01/03/2005 22:12

    When you are in Germany....you are welcome ;)
    Nice works...and funtastic colours
  • foto-Atelier 28/02/2005 21:11

    you have a grat gallerie of photo. greatings from germany valeria
  • Owen Noah 13/02/2005 2:15

  • Ebi Fotofix 07/02/2005 16:49

    Hi, Tom, thank you for your comment. It was my first retro-session, but not the last, I think. I've found a wonderful model.
  • Cassia P. 26/01/2005 12:02

    Hi Tom!

    Thank your for the compliments!
    I like your style...I love your photos!
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